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Jacki Cochrane-Glaubitz, 
MA, Psychotherapy

I am all about “life” how we live, our potential, our purpose, through the ages and stages of our adult life. 

I understand “loss” and how it can sideline or grow us in our life journey.

“Transition” as we transition through our ages and stages in life we also have the potential to transform ourselves, our life, our purpose and find hope and healing through it all.

Thus the name of my business “The Art of Healing”.

There is an art to the journey whether it be body, mind or soul, which ultimately widens our exploration of self and others that happens when we open ourselves up to healing and transformation.


Through restoration and transformation Art of Healing, clients are made aware of their unlimited potential to live out change in their lives, to embody resilience in their life and celebrate their authentic self.


To provide a safe, transformative space for clients to explore their emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and relational questions.

Psychology Patient

Art of Healing

Is a place of creative exploration through a variety of counselling modalities. It is “heart art”.

Healing is a journey for self but does not exist in isolation. Healing exists in the transforming influence of sharing our stories and our perceptions and images of them.


Sometimes we need an active listener, a counsellor, mentor, therapist, who hears our grief and helps us to mourn our loss, or understands the bondage of addiction,  a spiritual crisis, the violence of abuse or the loneliness of depression or ageing or a broken relationship or perhaps we are stuck in the lies we are believing about our self.


At Art of Healing a person can discover their authentic self, their courage to be vulnerable, it is a safe place for examining their brokenness and woundedness. Regardless of the issue a person will find emotional healing and regain empowerment, authenticity, vision, purpose, and potential for their life. The client will start to feel the anticipation of hope return to their being and ultimately the client at Art of Healing will find hope.

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